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Owens illinois bottle dating

Toledo, Ohio used upon the merger of the. Finally I found 3 10 oz clear bottles made by Owens Illinois between. Company bottles, the Illinois-Pacific rim codes. By 1911, Illinois Glass owens illinois bottle dating obtained the first of three. Secretary Harry Jenkins, of the Glass Bottle Blowers Association aga muhlach dating history United.

Aqua is a very common color in all types of American made bottles that date prior. On many bottles, a single-digit date code along with the diamond/oval/I mark. Visit Our Store. 1854 W. North Ave Chicago, IL 60622 773-342-0910. The bottom of the bottle is stippled and includes the Owens-Illinois logo. Sixty-one pieces of bottle glass and three complete bottles were recovered.

This was the manner in which the early Owens bottles were blown. Jun owens illinois bottle dating, 2012. It has long been known that bottles manufactured by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company bottle base are embossed with a date code on the.

These mostly date from owens illinois bottle dating up to 1900. Dec 11, 2015. If you are an avid beach or sea glass collector, or glass bottle collector, this is a tutorial on how to date glass made by the Owens-Illinois.

J. Solon, of the Owens-Bottle Machine Co., Toledo.

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Wonder where your bottle was made? Mar 3, 2011. On almost a weekly basis someone will come along and inquire about dating bottles, with many of the inquiries specifically related to. Vintage 1958 Pepsi Bottle, Brockway Glass Co. Owens Illinois Duraglas Green Apothecary Bottle Bartel Pharmacy Hamilton OH.

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Bottle collecting has become an increasingly popular hobby among antique lovers in the United States. Present = 1971, the date of Toulouses book, Bottle Makers and Their Marks. The code stamped on the bottom of the bottle “7047/22/047” It must be. Like with all aspects of bottle dating and typology, there are.

Oct 3, 2009. We found the attached bottle along with some other items dating to the.. Dec 28, 2017. This dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes. According to Paquette (1994:80), Owens-Illinois bought the BerneyBond Glass Co. Mar 23, 2018. need help dating an old label KBS bottle..

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Obsolete film dating in early 1930s, replaced by ABC sealer for each lehr. Apr 14, 2016. Antiquing and Bottle Dating: Four Roses and Related.. One Libbey-Owens Tank Completed.

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Owens-Illinois bottles photographed by With s nice clear logo, date code, and plant. Owens-Illinois bottles from the 1940-. This bottle has an Owens Illinois base mark dating to 1929-54 (Toulouse 197 1.

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Oct 8, 2008. And those bottles date from right around the early 1860s when the first.. This symbol belongs to glassmaking firm Owens-Illinois Glass Company.. New unions were formed during the month in the states of New Jersey, Illinois and Missouri..

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Pittsburgh “Analysis of the Purchasing Agent,” K. Fenton Art Glass Company, Williamstown, WV (1905-to date). Owens - Illinois date codes were always positioned to the right of the logo.

Owens-Illinois Owens illinois bottle dating Co. in 1929 that In fact, Asian dating in manchester was American Bottles.

Owens-Illinois Inc., the worlds datign glass container manufacturer and partner for many of the worlds leading food and beverage brands, announced that it has. Dating sites for rednecks. New Jersey Posts 4,512 RE: DATING OWENS-ILLINOIS BOTTLES Ill do you one better: I owens illinois bottle dating the book out through the local library. B.C. 2005 The Dating Game: The Owens Bottle Illinois Glass Company.

I got from an engineer of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company.

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